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Marshallese Communities United

Marshallese Communities United

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 Koba Ipen Dron - Bringing Everyone Together 


 Juon jikin kwelok im bok melele ilo online nan jukjukin bed ko an ri-Majol ilo United  States 

 An online Town Hall and meeting place for the Marshallese communities in the U.S.


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Website in ej ñan ri-Majõl ro im rej jukjuk im amnak ilo America kein. Ilo an lukkun bool ri-Majõl ro im rej kelet bwe ren emmakit jen Majõl im jokwe im mour ilo America, website in ear kõmman bwe en jibañ kobaik im kakuk tok jukjukin bed ko an ri-Majõl rej ajeeded ibelakin America kein. Men eo elukkun emman website in kake ej kinke emaroñ naaj jerbal einwot juon ‘Rapid Response venue’ ak juon jikin eo jemaroñ etal ñane kiõ kiõ wõt im bõk melele.  Ñan waan joñok, ñe juon bill jen US Congress ej wanliñtak im ejelet armij in Majol ej aikuij melele kiõ kiõ wõt, ak ñe ewõr kajjitõk ikkijen jemjera ne ad ak COFA enaj wanlõñtak, jemaroñ etal ñan website in bõk melele. Bareinwõt, ilo an ajeeded ri-Majõl ibelakin jukjukin bed ko wõj rellõñ ibelakin America in, website in emarõñ bar kakuk tok ri-Majõl rein ibulijin 330 million ri-America rein.

This website is dedicated to the Marshall Islanders who reside in the United States.  With the growing number of Marshallese people who choose to emigrate from the Republic of the Marshall Islands [RMI] and immigrate to the U.S., this website can serve to help unite and better coordinate all of the many Marshallese communities scattered throughout the U.S.  The practical advantage of this site will be to act as a Rapid Response venue when a Congressional bill affecting the Marshallese calls for a quick response, or when a COFA-related issue comes up.  Also, with Marshallese scattered in many rural and isolated areas, the website can help to connect the relatively few Marshallese among the other 330 million Americans in order to feel closer to their Marshallese compatriots.




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US has agreed Pacific Islands deal, offering ‘big dollar numbers’

Defiance by Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands cast shadow over Biden’s Pacific Summit

Biden vows U.S. commitment to Pacific Islands at summit
Marshall Islands calls off talks after no US response on nuclear legacy plan [by Giff Johnson]

Drowning island nations: ‘This is how a Pacific atoll dies’

At U.N., Micronesia denounces Japan plan to release Fukushima water into Pacific

Marshallese Language Primer   
pdf file

Biden’s Pacific Island summit tests U.S. regional credibility 

Marshall Islands President: We must tame 'climate change monster'

Marshall Islands urges U.S. to better address nuclear legacy, climate at U.N.G.A.

Tyson Foods donates 50,000 masks to Marshall Islands amid COVID-19 outbreak

Ex-President Hilda Heine Demands Inquiry Into RMI 'Mini-State' Plot;amp;amp

The Long Road to Nuclear Justice for the Marshall Islanders 

The Cost of Fleeing Climate Change for the Marshallese

Jellyfish Babies - Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner

Marshallese in Arkansas: From the islands to the Ozarks

Marshallese in Arkansas: Histories of the South

Marshallese Community in Enid [OK] Traces History to Cold War N-Testing -

Marshallese community in Enid, Oklahoma - From the islands to Enid

Giff Johnson on nuclear testing 

Univ. of Arkansas' excellent research guide 

April Brown on nuclear testing in the RMI

The U.S. Should Apologize to the Marshall Islands for it's Nuclear Tests

Marshalls-US to Hold First Person-to Person talks by Giff Johnson

Rural Oklahoma Marshallese health report

Marshallese culture

Marshallese Americans (Wikipedia)

Pacific islands a key US military buffer

Spokane WA Marshallese Community

The U.S. is Squandering its COFA Advantage in the Pacific

Imperial Migration from the Marshall Islands to Northwest Arkansas, Ph.D. Dissertation by Emily Mitchell-Eaton   pdf file

They Did Not Realize We Were Human Beings - Enid OK

The Ethnography of Destabilization:  Pacific Islanders in the Nuclear Age by Glenn Alcalay     pdf file 

How Years of Ruthless Nuclear Testing in the South Pacific Forged America’s Most Impoverished Ethnic Group

How the legacy of nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands still affects Spokane’s Marshallese community

France denies covering-up nuclear tests near French Polynesia in Pacific

Marshallese Language Primer    pdf file

 Suggested Websites 
& Organizations 

Marshallese Educational Initiative

Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese

K-1 Project (Columbia University)

Marshall Islands Guide

Living Islands

RMI Embassy in Washington, D.C.

RMI Mission to the United Nations

AR-NCTA - National Consortium for Teaching about Asia

Jerry Knight's "Man-Shark" website

Marshall Islands Story Project

Marshallese Handicrafts (Amimino) 

Women United Together Marshall Islands - WUTMI 

Alele Museum & Public Library (Majuro)

Crossroads 2020 - Multimedia approach to expose the Nuclear Legacy & Climate Change

[Many] Marshall Islands Videos

And Many More Marshall Islands Videos

 Suggested Marshallese 
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