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 Marshallese in the News 

Heavy out-migration underlines economic conditions in Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands confirms membership in Pacific Forum

Marshall Islands demands US tackle nuclear issues 

Pacific nuclear legacy overshadows US talks in Marshall Islands

How do we mourn an island?  Where do we mark it's grave?  by Kathy Jetnil-Kijner

The remote Marshall Islands complicate US Pacific policy

The Supply Side: Walmart’s Great Value tuna helps support Marshall Islands

Pacific Islands Increasingly Used as Crime Transit Point, Experts Say

Preliminary census results in the Marshall Islands show poverty worry


Haunted By 67 Nuclear Tests, US Facing Severe Roadblocks To Renew COFA Pact With Marshall Islands  


Nuclear Powers Have Criticized an Effort Led by the Marshall Islands at the United Nations


Canoe exhibit connects Mississippi River to Marshall Islands 


Australian Foreign Minister visits Majuro, Nauru


UNHRC adopts resolution on Marshall Islands' nuclear legacy 


Australia opens embassy in Marshall Islands to gain foothold in Pacific


Nuclear Powers Have Criticized an Effort Led by the Marshall Islands at the United Nations


U.S. Targets Singapore, Marshall Islands Firms in New North Korea Sanctions 

US has agreed Pacific Islands deal, offering ‘big dollar numbers’

Defiance by Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands cast shadow over Biden’s Pacific Summit

Biden vows U.S. commitment to Pacific Islands at summit
Marshall Islands calls off talks after no US response on nuclear legacy plan [by Giff Johnson]

Drowning island nations: ‘This is how a Pacific atoll dies’

At U.N., Micronesia denounces Japan plan to release Fukushima water into Pacific

Marshallese Language Primer   
pdf file

Biden’s Pacific Island summit tests U.S. regional credibility 

Marshall Islands President: We must tame 'climate change monster'

Marshall Islands urges U.S. to better address nuclear legacy, climate at U.N.G.A.

Tyson Foods donates 50,000 masks to Marshall Islands amid COVID-19 outbreak

Ex-President Hilda Heine Demands Inquiry Into RMI 'Mini-State' Plot;amp;amp

The Long Road to Nuclear Justice for the Marshall Islanders 

The Cost of Fleeing Climate Change for the Marshallese

Jellyfish Babies - Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner

Marshallese in Arkansas: From the islands to the Ozarks

Marshallese in Arkansas: Histories of the South

Marshallese Community in Enid [OK] Traces History to Cold War N-Testing -

Marshallese community in Enid, Oklahoma - From the islands to Enid

Giff Johnson on nuclear testing 

Univ. of Arkansas' excellent research guide 

April Brown on nuclear testing in the RMI

The U.S. Should Apologize to the Marshall Islands for it's Nuclear Tests

Marshalls-US to Hold First Person-to Person talks by Giff Johnson

Rural Oklahoma Marshallese health report

Marshallese culture

Marshallese Americans (Wikipedia)

Pacific islands a key US military buffer

Spokane WA Marshallese Community

The U.S. is Squandering its COFA Advantage in the Pacific

Imperial Migration from the Marshall Islands to Northwest Arkansas, Ph.D. Dissertation by Emily Mitchell-Eaton   pdf file

They Did Not Realize We Were Human Beings - Enid OK

The Ethnography of Destabilization:  Pacific Islanders in the Nuclear Age by Glenn Alcalay     pdf file 

How Years of Ruthless Nuclear Testing in the South Pacific Forged America’s Most Impoverished Ethnic Group

How the legacy of nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands still affects Spokane’s Marshallese community

France denies covering-up nuclear tests near French Polynesia in Pacific

Marshallese Language Primer    pdf file
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